ErgoFlip Trialed and tested by some leading healthcare professionals

ErgoFlip Certification

Ryan Ebert, Physiotherapist, Operations Manager at Bupa Therapy Clinic ErgoFlip gives us a sensation to be on a fit ball without the instability and risk with a fit ball so we can further challenge patients as we’re rehabbing them in lower back pain, post pregnancy, those recovering from a stroke and for those who to add mobility into the spine.

"We have found the Ergoflip stool to be a useful tool in our clinic during classes, when performing manual therapy techniques, and when undertaking administrative/computer tasks"


Nitin Maden, Physiotherapist Spinal Management, Owner Grit Physiotherapy

The ErgoFlip allows for better activation of postural muscles as well as greater resting tone in the multifidi, erector spinae and transverse abdominis. Once the user is taught to activate these muscles in clinic they can maintain the activation of these through sitting on the ErgoFlip. Moreover, the ErgoFlip allows for the development of hip and lumbopelvic motion as well as motor control and disassociation of the pelvis on the lumbar spine. Orthopaedic conditions that the ErgoFlip can be successfully prescribed include: hip osteoarthritis, degenerative discs, facet joint pain, cervicogenic headache.


DAVE HALL - National President Occupational Health Australian Physiotherapy Association, and Director of PHW Group Endorsed the ErgoFlip 2 in 1 Ergonomic Chair “It's great to have a product like this on the market now, providing a nice blend of dynamic opportunity to work your core, while also providing the back support required for longer durations of sitting” 


Kathryn Anderson Physiotherapist / Master Trainer for APPI and Owner of Viva Clinic ErgoFlip stool used for treatment and runs a workshop on “How to Improve Your Stamina for Desk Work” and  highly recommends active seating using the ErgoFlip 2 in 1 Active Ergonomic Office chair for clients "As a physio, I’m constantly working to provide solutions to our clients who engage in prolonged static sitting. By combining principles of active sitting and principles from stability-training equipment, the ErgoFlip® provides a two-in-one solution to pain and inactivity. The opportunity to have my clients having the equipment to engage their core while sitting, but then rest onto that same piece of equipment really sets the ErgoFlip® apart. This is the first chair I’ve seen of this type and calibre. The ErgoFlip® allows a variety of lumbar spine postures to be adopted throughout the day and it allows some of the active sitting options of an instability surface without the safety risk.”


AIDAN RICH APA, Occupational Physiotherapy and Spinal Management " The Ergoflip is an ergonomic chair which offers the user multiple sitting positions. The key feature of the Ergoflip is an interchangeable cushion which allows the user to use a variety of sitting positions and postures throughout the day.The device is designed to reduce the negative consequences of prolonged static sitting, and promote increased lumbopelvic motion throughout the day when compared to a traditional office chair.The device has high adjustibility (seat height, backrest height, backrest tile, seat surface, other) to individualise the device to the user. Previous research has  shown that dynamic stimuli on a seat can reduce pain with prolonged sitting (in people who already have low back pain)."


Miranda Carty, Physiotherapist Bupa Therapy The ErgoFlip has application for use as an aid to Physiotherapists when working with a neuro population for controlled balance retraining. This is a nice segue for high level, standing balance activities to an unstable, seated position challenging the core and righting reactions in all planes of movement. Trunk and pelvic dissociation at a high level can be challenged as can pelvic tilt in the right patient cohort. Further application of this equipment exists for the post natal client looking to retrain pelvic floor and lower abdominals and obliques in a 3D plane. 


Presenting the ErgoFlip
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