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Vision Statement

To create and inspire movement in any workplace for a healthier future

Mission Statement

ErgoFlip redefines ergonomic furniture to integrate movement to help desk workers reclaim their bodies from the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Worlds First Story

ErgoFlip revolutionises the concept of ergonomic furniture, introducing movement to empower desk workers in reclaiming their well-being from the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle.


Meet the Visionaries

Annique Rochecouste and John Rochecouste, the visionaries behind the ErgoFlip Active Seating Range, have crafted a dynamic array of seating solutions centered around the promotion of movement.


A Game-Changing Innovation

The ErgoFlip Active Seating Range boasts a unique, flip-over cushion reminiscent of a fitness ball, enabling office professionals, individuals in recovery, and the elderly to stay active even while sitting.


Entrepreneurial Spirit Meets Expertise

With a shared entrepreneurial drive and a solid corporate, wholesale, and manufacturing background, Annique and John Rochecouste have brought the ErgoFlip vision to life. Having experienced back pain firsthand due to prolonged static sitting, they identified a gap in the market. They partnered with esteemed physiotherapists and occupational therapists to assist in the pioneer innovative solutions for enhancing overall health.


Unlocking Vital Benefits

This range is meticulously designed to deliver instant muscle engagement, core strength activation, improved blood circulation, relief from spinal strain, and heightened energy levels. It's not just ideal for desk workers but also for those in rehabilitation and our aging population.


A Sedentary Lifestyle Challenge

The hours spent at our desks and the prolonged sitting we endure are taking a toll on our bodies, disrupting our natural posture and causing deep muscular discomfort. It's common knowledge that a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of muscle pain, tension, high blood pressure, and obesity. Extended periods of inactivity lead to reduced muscle flexibility, compressed spinal discs, restricted blood flow, and stiffened joints. These effects manifest throughout our bodies, and traditional office chairs exacerbate this discomfort, impacting our overall well-being, productivity, and health.


A Pressing Issue

We are confronted with a monumental issue driven by the sedentary lifestyles that contribute to musculoskeletal problems. The escalating health and financial burdens associated with back pain, absenteeism, and disengagement underscore the urgency of addressing poor sitting postures in the workplace.


A Chair that Makes a Difference

This chair addresses the challenges associated with prolonged sitting and actively supports the recovery of back and hip injuries, whether as part of a formal treatment program or through informal workplace practices. It serves as both a preventive and a therapeutic device, replacing traditional office chairs.


Unparalleled Innovation

Unlike any other chair, ErgoFlip seamlessly integrates two interchangeable seating surfaces, transitioning from a traditional cushion to a surface that requires active dynamic stabilisation from the user. The motion cushion, with its health benefits akin to a fitness ball, is meticulously designed to make long hours of sitting safe and effortless by promoting:

  • Movement and varied positions
  • Enhanced core strength
  • Improved posture
  • Balance
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Relief from spinal strain
  • Elevated energy expenditure


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    Ergoflip best ergonomic chair manufacturing


    ErgoFlip is proudly made nationally throughout Australia together with an exclusive partnership with one of Australia’s largest manufacturer, Chair Solutions, which brings over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in functional ergonomic seating.

    Accredited an ISO-9001 manufacturer with certifications that reflect commitment to quality, leadership, systems, and the reliable process which can deliver consistently safe products. All ErgoFlip mechanisms have been selected after hours of continuous testing and are fitted with premium quality pneumatic height adjustable gas lifts which meet the highest Australian standard - Class 4. Relevant mechanisms and other components have been independently tested to ASNZS 4438:1997 by Furntech-AFRDI to comply to the Australian Government workplace environment.

    ACMA foam holds accreditation with AFRDI for commercial furniture foams and is fully GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) compliant against minimum environmental performance criteria across its life cycle to deliver better environmental outcomes.


    APA Endorsed ~ TGA Approved ~ AFRDI Components  
    GST Exempt ~10 years warranty.