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To create and inspire movement in any workplace for a healthier future

Mission Statement

ErgoFlip redefines ergonomic furniture to integrate movement to help desk workers reclaim their bodies from the effects of a sedentary lifestyle

ErgoFlip Founder Annique Rochecouste 

Worlds First Story

I am a health enthusiast, a past Personal Trainer, a mother of two, with a corporate and manufacturing background. I have worked on the development of ErgoFlip over the last 4 years along side healthcare and fitness professionals. Suffering back pain since 2010, sitting static on a normal office chair added to the aggravation which gave me a constant urge to continually want to move. Whilst sitting I felt the restriction that the office chair had on my body while at work and decided to sit on a fit ball until one day I fell off! This is when the innovation was born by creating an 'active ergonomic office chair' and a versatile 'active home chair' integrating two seating surfaces offering the user the option to flip between a conventional surface to an ACTIVE seat.


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ErgoFlip is proudly made nationally throughout Australia together with an exclusive partnership with one of Australia’s largest manufacturer, Chair Solutions, which brings over 30 years of knowledge and expertise in functional ergonomic seating.

Accredited an ISO-9001 manufacturer with certifications that reflect commitment to quality, leadership, systems, and the reliable process which can deliver consistently safe products. All ErgoFlip mechanisms have been selected after hours of continuous testing and are fitted with premium quality pneumatic height adjustable gas lifts which meet the highest Australian standard - Class 4. Relevant mechanisms and other components have been independently tested to ASNZS 4438:1997 by Furntech-AFRDI to comply to the Australian Government workplace environment. 

ACMA foam holds accreditation with AFRDI for commercial furniture foams and is fully GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) compliant against minimum environmental performance criteria across its life cycle to deliver better environmental outcomes. 

Our mission and responsibility is to support organisations with quality furniture to increase productivity and staff energy levels which is truly reflected on how they feel which stems greatly from their posture. Poor posture presents muscular discomfort and leads to pain which in turn creates absenteeism, work care claims and creates a massive burden on a company’s bottom line. ErgoFlip specialises in providing the user the option to vary their posture with two integrated seating surfaces that promotes movement and muscular activity with the ergonomic features to support extended hours of sitting.


Ergoflip best ergonomic chair manufacturing

Tired of sitting still Annique Rochecouste Australian founder of ErgoFlip, invented the world’s first 2 seats in 1 ergonomic active office chair and active stool, aimed at promoting active seating in the workplace.  Over 4 years of development alongside Physiotherapists and other medical practitioners, it's the only chair exclusively endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapists Association (APA).

For many years, Annique suffered from lower back pain, then in 2010, Annique discovered her L5-S1 discs had degenerated which added to the aggravation when sitting static for long periods. Annique experienced the constant urge to continually want to move whilst sitting and felt the restriction that the office chair boasted on her body while at work. After more than 20 years in the corporate environment, Annique made the transition to qualify as a personal trainer after undergoing more than 10 years of rehabilitation training. She is the founder of Abody Wellness Fitness Studio, a company which specialises in personal training and corporate customised Wellness Lunch & Learn supported by a team of Allied Health Professionals.

“More than 3.7 million Australians are experiencing back pain every single day, we spend a whopping $4.8 Billion each year to fix it.” Project Channel 9

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2015), over 44 percent of people with back problems have difficulty in tasks and activities associated with mobility, communication or self care.

"The long hours we spend at our desks is adversely affecting our bodies and is disrupting our natural postures, causing deep muscular aches and pains. It is common knowledge that a sedentary/inactive lifestyle puts us at a higher risk of muscle pain, tension, high blood pressure and obesity. When we’re sitting still for long period of time, we’re reducing our muscular flexibility, compressing our spinal discs, limiting our blood flow and stiffening our joints. We feel these effects everywhere in our bodies. The classic office chair has afflicted us with full-body discomfort. This impacts our overall wellbeing: how we feel, how we think, how we work.

The solution is simple. We know that our bodies aren’t designed to sit still. If we encourage motion while sitting, we can allow our bodies to move intuitively, promoting our natural postures and alleviating muscular tension.

This knowledge, combined with these negative effects from prolonged static sitting, is what guided Annique Rochecouste through years of research and development.

We created the ErgoFlip to help office workers reclaim their bodies from the effects of the sedentary lifestyle. With an effortless flip between the ergonomic cushion to a Break-Out Active Seat, you can enhance your muscular activity and allow your body to adopt its natural, dynamic posture.

We can’t change the fact that sitting is a necessity.
However, we can change the way we sit.

ErgoFlip is the missing link in keeping you ACTIVE while seated

We are facing a massive problem that desperately needs solving due to an office sedentary lifestyle which contributes to musculoskeletal issues and standing is not the only solution. The rising health and financial costs burden associated with back pain, absenteeism and disengagement makes the importance of preventing and managing poor sitting postures in the workplace greater than ever.

Our goal is to provide a solution to this issue. Prevention is the key. We know by the overwhelming support of clinical evidence that movement is the answer to this problem.  This chair redresses issues associated with prolonged sitting and actively aids recovery of back and hip injuries (whether part of a designated treatment program or informally practised in the workplace).  As such it is a preventative and a treatment device, substituting for normal office chairs.

The ErgoFlip® created to reduce the negative consequences of prolonged static sitting by increasing lumbopelvic motion and muscle activity. Like no other chair, ErgoFlip integrates 2 interchangeable seating surfaces, flipping from a conventional cushion to a surface that requires active dynamic stabilising from the user. The motion cushion boasting the health benefits of a fit ball is designed to make long hours of sitting, safe and effortless by promoting:

  • Movement & varied position
  • Core strength
  • Better posture
  • Balance
  • Blood flow
  • Relieve spinal load
  • Increase energy expenditure

In addition the ErgoFlip Active Stool has been designed as a device for Health & Fitness Professionals to use for their patients undergoing therapy and can be used in conjunction with a suite of equipment.

The ErgoFlip chair and stool is unique, an effective treatment of / or avoidance of injury device, and our price is comparable to ergonomic chairs in the market. Unlike other ergonomic chairs the ErgoFlip has a motion cushion which promotes movement while seated at the desk.

APA Endorsed ~ TGA Approved ~ AFRDI Components  
GST Free ~10 years warranty.