About Us

Vision Statement

To create and inspire movement in any workplace for a healthier future

Mission Statement

ErgoFlip redefines ergonomic furniture to integrate movement to help office workers reclaim their bodies from the effects of a sedentary lifestyle

The ErgoFlip Story

"ErgoFlip is the missing link to keeping you ACTIVE while seated" Endorsed by Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Tired of sitting still, Australian designer and entrepreneur, Annique Rochecouste has invented the world’s first 2 seats in 1 ergonomic active office chair, aimed at promoting active seating in the workplace.

For many years, Annique suffered from lower back pain, then in 2012, Annique discovered her L5-S1 discs had degenerated which added to the aggravation when sitting static for long periods. Annique experienced the constant urge to continually want to move whilst sitting and felt the restriction that the office chair boasted on her body while at work. After more than 20 years in the corporate environment, Annique made the transition to qualify as a personal trainer after undergoing more than 10 years of rehabilitation training. She is now the founder of Abody Wellness Fitness Studio, a company which specialises in personal training and corporate customised Wellness Lunch & Learn Seminars covering various health topics (such as "how to sit well at work") supported by a team of Allied Health Professionals.

“More than 3.7 million Australians are experiencing back pain every single day, we spend a whopping $4.8 Billion each year to fix it.” Project Channel 9

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2015), over 44 percent of people with back problems have difficulty in tasks and activities associated with mobility, communication or self care.

"The long hours we spend at our desks is breaking our bodies and is disrupting our natural postures, causing deep muscular aches and pains. It is common knowledge that a sedentary/inactive lifestyle puts us at a higher risk of muscle pain, tension, high blood pressure and obesity. When we’re sitting still for long period of time, we’re reducing our muscular flexibility, compressing our spinal discs, limiting our blood flow and stiffening our joints. We feel these effects everywhere in our bodies. The classic office chair has afflicted us with full-body discomfort. This impacts our overall well being: how we feel, how we think, how we work.

The solution is simple. We know that our bodies aren’t designed to sit still. If we encourage motion while sitting, we can allow our bodies to move intuitively, promoting our natural postures and alleviating muscular tension.

This knowledge, combined with these negative effects from prolonged static sitting, is what guided Annique Rochecouste through years of research and development.

We created the ErgoFlip to help office workers reclaim their bodies from the effects of the sedentary lifestyle. With an effortless flip between the ergonomic cushion to a Break-Out Active Seat, you can enhance your muscular activity and allow your body to adopt its natural, dynamic posture.

"We can’t change the fact that sitting is a necessity. However, we can change the way we sit."


Annique Rochecouste