ErgoFlip 2 Seats in 1 Active Ergonomic Chair

Created to inspire movement to build a Happier, Healthier, Stronger & Productive workplace


2 Seats in 1 Active Stool

Boasts the health benefits of a fitball. Promotes core / back strength, balance and better posture.


Sitting still is killing our bodies. "3.7M+ Australians experience back pain daily, costing $4.8B p/a to fix it". ErgoFlip promotes movement, varied postures & increases energy expenditure.

Sit-Active Program

Creating an innovative training program to educate clients to engage in active sitting. 

About Us

"ErgoFlip is the missing link to keeping you ACTIVE while seated"
Endorsed by Australian Physiotherapy Association

David Hall, National Chair APA Occupational Health - Introducing the ErgoFlip

Kathryn Anderson, APA Member - How the ErgoFlip Benefits

Take active sitting to your desk

Effortless Flip

ErgoFlip Chair

ErgoFlip Stool

ErgoFlip in Action

Our body is designed to move.

"Sitting on a regular chair can aggravate back pain. Active movement that's encouraged by the ErgoFlip, has the ability to hold neutral spine, therefore to unload the spinal structures"....


Health Professionals & Fitness Trainers.  Earn more income as an Affiliate.

The Innovation

Patented and Design Registered. The innovation feature is the interchangeable cushion with an effortless flip between the ergonomic cushion and the active seat.

The Benefits

ErgoFlip promotes:

- Core / Back Strength

- Movement

- Better Posture

- Balance

- Energy Expenditure

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