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PHW partner of ErgoFlipCreating Movement in Organisations to Build Healthier Workplaces

ErgoFlip has partnered up with PHW which is led by a team of Physiotherapists, striving to improve workplace health through creating office environments that are designed to promote movement, safety, comfort and productivity. PHW facilitates real changes to productivity, health and workplace design of businesses across Australia.

PHW Group Pty Ltd specialises in staff wellbeing and injury prevention, consulting to clients across Australia. They help create productive, healthy workplaces by helping organisations to transform the way they work. PHW know that a business case for investment in ergonomics, workplace training and health-focused design needs to show a financial return on investment. Demonstrating a clear link between their services and staff productivity is at the foundation of everything they do.

ErgoFlip is the first chair of its kind in Australia to be proudly endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. This endorsement is a testament to the benefits of the ErgoFlip chair in the workplace and forms part of a well-balanced and holistic program which includes a Sit-Well program and a national workplace assessment service.  The ErgoFlip forms an integral part of the ergonomic assessment promoting movement, enhance productivity and improve workplace performance.


PHW expert health professionals improving health, and movement in your workplace by offering Staff Education and Train the Trainer programs.

Onsite Physiotherapy Training

Onsite Physiotherapy consultations promote health and wellbeing in your workforce and can help reduce the likelihood of the sorts of injuries that become WorkCover cases.

The physiotherapy consultations occur on-site and can easily be partnered with workplace ergonomic assessments and individual screening of workstations

The service includes:

  • Development of individual wellness strategies
  • Injury prevention through posture improvement and activity assessment
  • Injury management, preventions and rehabilitation
  • Manual Handling
  • Train the Trainer
  • Mental Health Training

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