ErgoFlip - Active therapy seating solutions

ErgoFlip - Active therapy seating solutions

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‘From injury recovery and disability aid to everyday life, our active seating range has an option for you’  

Introducing the ErgoFlip Active Seating Range a worlds-first Australian made invention.

The ErgoFlip Active Seating Range has options for those recovering from surgery to everyday office workers who are looking for the best, ergonomic option. The range features the Desk Chair, Utility Chair and a Dynamic Stool all TGA approved (Therapeutic Goods Association) and all ergonomically designed with your body in mind. 

Kathryn Anderson, Physiotherapist and Master Trainer for the Australian Physiotherapist and Pilates Insitute, explains the ErgoFlip’s features and the benefits on the spine, “the moveable surface of the ErgoFlip encourages motion so the spine can naturally move into anterior pelvic tilt and also gentle lateral motions.”

ErgoFlip’s Active Seating Range all feature a flippable two seat in one system which integrates an upholstered cushion and a fitness ball surface perfect for engaging core muscles, relieving the spine and ideal for rehabilitation, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and disability aids.

Physiotherapist Kathryn Anderson explains The ErgoFlip Active Seating Range is a multipurpose product, meaning consumers no longer have to buy disability and rehabilitation aids for temporary injuries - the ErgoFlip range is there for you from recovery to everyday life.

Physiotherapist Nitin Maden explains the health benefits of the ErgoFlip range further. “The functionality promotes the health benefits of a fit ball used for rehab and exercises for musculoskeletal disorders and neurological conditions.”

Maden also explains that the ErgoFlip Desk Chair which is APA endorsed and the Utility Day Chair practical and safe design is ideal for rehabilitation & therapy environments such as: clinician rooms, hospitals, aged care, post-op recovery and suitable for pre/postnatal exercises. 

Healthcare professionals explain ErgoFlip's benefits:

ErgoFlip is 100% Australian owned and manufactured nationwide in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA, providing jobs nationwide and supporting industries: steel, timber, injection moulding, foam, upholstery on home soil. ErgoFlip is passionate about Australians supporting Australians, when you buy from ErgoFlip you not only take a step towards a healthier lifestyle, you also support hundreds of Australian workers and their families. 
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