Unlike No Other Chair

Office Chair Converts to Fit Ball Active Seat

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Fitness office chair

With an ease of a flip change the surface to ACTIVE 
and promote sitting mobility

                  ❌ No More Sore Backs

                  ❌ No More Feeling Stiff

                  ❌ No More Suffering In Silence

                  ✅ Strengthen Core & Back

                  ✅ Improve Balance & Stability

                  ✅ Better Posture

                  ✅ Increase Energy

                  ✅ Burn Calories

Boasting the Health Benefits of a Fit Ball

GST exempt Chair

Ergonomic Features

ErgoFlip Ergonomic Features

The ErgoFlip chair mechanisms provide a full range of adjustments to suit particular tasks and individual needs. All mechanisms have been selected after hours of continuous testing. All ErgoFlip® mechanisms are fitted with premium quality pneumatic height adjustable gas lifts which meet the highest Australian standard - Class 4. Relevant mechanisms and other components have been independently tested to ASNZS 4438:1997 by Furntech-AFRDI.

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Revolutionary by Design

Patented and Design Registered. The innovation feature is the interchangeable cushion with an effortless flip between the upholstered cushion and the active surface.

ErgoFlip Active Surface

Break-Out Active Cushion

            ● Ready for use, comes inflated

            ● Non-slip surface

            ● Highly durable

            ● Water-resistant

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Worlds First Story


ErgoFlip Founder Annique Rochecouste


I am a health enthusiast, a past Personal Trainer, a mother of two, with a manufacturing & corporate background, and have worked on this project over the last 4 years along side health and fitness professionals. Suffering back pain since 2012, sitting static on a normal office chair added to the aggravation which gave me a constant urge to continually want to move. Whilst sitting I felt the restriction that the office chair had on my body while at work and decided to sit on a fit ball until one day I fell off! This is when the innovation was born by creating an ergonomic office chair integrating two seating surfaces offering the user the option to flip between a conventional surface to ACTIVE.

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What's so great about ErgoFlip?

Keeping Active Prevents and Relieves Back Pain 

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$749   $549 Use Discount Code - SAVE$200

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