ErgoSport Ergonomic Active Office Chair

Boasts the health benefits of a fit ball

ErgoFlip is proud to present the long-awaited ErgoSport Ergonomic Office / Home Active chair. We listened and took on board your feedback with more and more people working from home, ErgoFlip has developed an Office Chair to keep you active all day long so that you no longer feel stuck at your desk.

The ErgoSport Active Office Chair is designed with back rest support to allow the user to sit on the active surface all day to keep you mobile with the well-reviewed, proven, and loved active cushion. Combined with the unique compartment integrated under the seat which is ideal to store and access a suite of fitness equipment to take that quick burst of exercise your body deserves to break the prolonged hours of sitting!

For those health enthusiasts sitting on a fit ball is now made easier with the ErgoSport. Unlike a fit ball that has no back support the ErgoSport provides ergonomics with adjustability to benefit the users mobility to strengthen their back and core muscles. The gentle lateral and rotation movements of the active surface relieves spinal load and improves posture since the abdominal muscles must be constantly engaged to hold you upright.




Integrated ACTIVE surface promotes sitting mobility

            ❌ No More Sore Backs

            ❌ No More Feeling Stiff

            ❌ No More Suffering In Silence

            ✅ Strengthen Core/Back Muscles

            ✅ Improve Balance & Stability

            ✅ Better Posture

            ✅ Increase Energy

            ✅ Burn Calories





Ergonomic Features

ErgoSport Active Office Chair

The ErgoFlip chair mechanisms provide a full range of adjustments to suit particular tasks and individual needs. All mechanisms have been selected after hours of continuous testing. All ErgoFlip® mechanisms are fitted with premium quality pneumatic height adjustable gas lifts which meet the highest Australian standard.


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Active Cushion

● Ready for use, comes inflated

● Non-slip surface

● Highly durable

● Water-resistant


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