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Introducing the ErgoFlip

"I'm glad to see a chair option on the market that allows a more dynamic way of sitting at the desk while not compromising the back support and stability that is important when working for longer durations.”  
David Hall - National Chair of APA Occ. Health Physio. Assoc and Director of PHW Group.

The Benefits

ErgoFlip comes complete with 2 interchangeable seating surfaces. The Break-Out Active Seat boasting all the health benefits of a fit ball and a conventional cushion which converts into an office task chair. The ErgoFlip is an innovative ergonomic office chair which offers the user multiple sitting positions. The key feature of the ErgoFlip is an interchangeable cushion which allows the user to use a variety of sitting positions and postures throughout the day to promote muscular activity. Kathryn Anderson Owner Director Viva Physiotherapy & Master Trainer for APPI explains.

Sit Active Program

It is common that sitting on a regular chair promotes lumbar flexion, or posterior pelvic. Those with lower back pain will often find this position aggravates their pain. Due to the active movement that’s encouraged by the ErgoFlip, the user has a greater ability to hold neutral spine, and therefore to unload the spinal structures. This is true not just of the lumbar spine and pelvis region, but of the entire back, through the conversion of the ‘C’ shaped spine which helps to unload and relieve the entire spine.

Sit-Active Program video tutorials supported by Kathryn Anderson, Director Viva Physiotherapy and a Master Trainer for the APPI 

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Full Review by David Hall - National Chair of APA Occ. Health Physio. Assoc and Director of PHW Group.

As featured in the Australian Physiotherapy Association major publications, In-Motion April 2019 and In-Touch May 2019 issue